Personal information is collected under sections 63, 105 and 106 of the Seafarers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1992 to help the employer determine eligibility for workers' compensation and to allow the Seacare Authority to perform its functions under the Seafarers Act. If personal information requested is not provided, it may not be possible to assess or manage claims for compensation.

Information is collected on behalf of the Seacare Authority, the employer and the insurance company. The employer and the insurance company are subject to their own obligations under Privacy legislation. Please contact the employer or the insurance company if you require further information on how they will manage personal information under their privacy policies.

Your privacy is important to us. The Seacare Authority will only collect, use, store or disclose your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988. The Seacare Authority collects information from the employer about workers' compensation claims made under the Seafarers Act in order to maintain a database of Seacare scheme workers' compensation statistics. In addition, in some cases the Seacare Authority manages claims against the Seafarers Safety Net Fund. For these purposes, and for other purposes related to the Seacare Authority's functions under the Seafarers Act, the Seacare Authority may use or disclose personal information to bodies and agencies including (but not limited to):

We want to ensure that your personal information that is collected, used, stored or disclosed is accurate, up-to-date and complete. The Seacare Authority's Privacy Policy contains information on how you can request access to personal information held about you and how to seek correction of that information.

You may make a complaint if you consider that the Seacare Authority has interfered with your privacy or otherwise breached its obligations under the Privacy Act 1988. Our Privacy Policy contains more information about how to make a complaint and how we will respond.

The Seacare Authority is not likely to disclose personal information to a person who is not in Australia or an external Territory, unless the information relates to an incident, investigation, injury or illness sustained while overseas, or treatment provided by an overseas practitioner. If disclosure of personal information is made to an overseas recipient, the Seacare Authority will comply with APP 8.

The Seacare Authority's Privacy Policy is available at and is administered on the Seacare Authority's behalf by Comcare. For further information about our information handling practices, for a copy of our Privacy Policy, to request an amendment of your personal information or to make a privacy complaint, please telephone 1300 366 979 or email